Recognition… In the Neighborhood

As the daughter and wife of two very-selfless veterans I just want to thank all of the companies that are coming out in /my/ neighborhood to support the troops. As Veterans Day approaches I am so grateful for the appreciation that is shown to a group of people I care so much about!

Year Round
We are now frequent customers of Lowes and Home Depot as they offer 10% off to Active Duty / National Guard / Reserves year-round. If a company is going to support us as a military family, then I want to support them! (And by-george we can appreciate 10% off of all of the constant-DIY home repairs we are running into lately.)

I want to recognize the MilitaryAvenue Partners, too, that are willing to give from their own profit back to the military and families. Visit MilitaryAvenue’s Rewards to find out what discounts are available in your neighborhood!

A Day of Recognition
I already know where we are going to take the family for dinner on Thursday, November 11th. Applebee’s. THANK YOU for once again offering a free meal to Veterans on their special day. Thank you for helping make Veteran’s Day less of a ‘commercial holiday’ and more of a day to say Thank You.

To all of the businesses that are willing to give from their bottom-line back to the troops and families I offer a genuine heart-felt, Thank You! If you are a Veteran be sure to visit our list of Veterans Day 2010 offers. If we have missed something that you know about let me know! (Leave a comment or send an email to

Here is what you can do
Do you want to send your own message of thanks to our Veterans? Visit this Applebee’s site to send a quick note of appreciation! If you are a business owner you can offer a special Thank you on Veterans Day: Here are some ideas.

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