Fun on Veteran’s Day with my Grandson and His Class

What a great opportunity to tell the kindergarten class about veterans and share some experiences! Thank you so much for the Parent Teacher Organization at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Ada, Michigan for making this a special day for veterans! I had the chance to speak with my grandson’s class about what it meant to be a veteran, tell them where Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo ++ were located and had some great laughs. I learned that one child’s cat had died, one child’s dog had been sprayed by a skunk but for 15 minutes I held their attention! They were well behaved, sat and listened, raised their hands, made calls to the tower for takeoff, responded to yes maam/sir nicely and thanked me!

We shared about safety, how they enjoyed having their parents around and why veterans’ children often missed birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc with their parent(s). They raised their hands eagerly to ask questions about Iceland, Panama and airplanes! I did not know that some had traveled faster than the speed of sound but they had! The kids were interested what a veteran did and after me they heard from a father who had been a soldier! We loved it, the teacher asked us to come back for other times and then we had a free lunch provided by the PTO! Wow, memories and impressions made on Veteran’s Day 2010!

If you are a veteran, I would highly encourage you to enjoy an event like this with a school next year! Family members, take the initiative and ask the school and organizations like the PTO to bring out the veterans for special events! Recognizing their service like this is fun for everyone and keeps our youngest citizens informed!byColonel KonThursday, November 11, 2010Military Life:,,

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