Girl Time

I spent this morning with my mother-in-law;

just being

Who knew making Pumpkin Rolls could be so much fun?!

It was an incredible way to break up the monotony of the week for me (Is it really only Tuesday?) Hubs has been working late nights and of the last seven nights he has been home at the boys’ bedtime twice. I have a nursing baby. Plus both boys, E and C, have a pre-Thanksgiving project for school that is extending homework time. On top of it all, I haven’t been as good about getting dinner started early. To say last week was exhausting is an understatement and yesterday just capped it off.

But today is a different story! I feel so much better having spent some time learning to make new food in time for the holidays. My mom-in-law held *L*, 3 1/2 months, while she told me what to do, which will help me retain it when I try to do it again myself. We didn’t have any deep meaningful conversation but it was just a gift of her presence that made the morning enjoyable! If I messed up she shrugged her shoulders and said, “That’s ok!” and told me what to do next time. She didn’t take over. I asked questions along the way. Life was good.

A few girlfriends of mine keeping talking about getting together and making pasta! Won’t that be fun?! I’ve never made that either… I’m always up for an adventure! Now we just need to make it happen!

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