It’s Friday! or is it…

Hip Hip Hooray!

It is Friday.

Oh but wait…It is a long drill-weekend for hubs…
Funny how that can curb my enthusiasm. Hubs left this morning at 6:30am and will return late Sunday night. So our Friday morning was a bit ‘off’ simply because he does A LOT of the work when it comes to getting the boys ready for their days. (I am blessed!)

So imagine my smile, the lightness of my step, the pure spark of joy when I saw little notes in each of my boys lunchboxes as I started to pack them this morning.

It is the little things that can start a day out on the right foot even when you are missing your right-hand man! Even though the notes weren’t to me, they were still something little for my boys to enjoy as they open up their lunches today amongst friends. Just a reminder that they are loved, and that reflects onto me. (If they are loved, then I feel loved… funny how that works.)

So this weekend will be just me and my four boys but somehow those simple notes reminded me that that Hubs is here in spirit!

Have a great weekend!

– Leanne from

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