Praying for our Deployed Service members and their Spouses

It is that time of year! Travel plans have been made. “To-Do” lists have been created. Families are getting together.

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table this week pledge to remember our families with service members serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, over oceans, in the air… many places, far, far from home; many spouses far from the other half of their heart; many children relying on one parent, when they would much rather have two hands to hold, another set of arms to wrap around them; many moms and dads missing the little boy and girl they raised into fine men and women!

Pledge to remember these people as you bow your head before partaking in your feast. Pledge to thank God for their sacrifices and then thank God for their families.

Need some inspiration? Look no further. Here are two wonderful articles from “Faith Deployed“, a great resource for our military-spouses taking care of the home-front:

I’ve done Thanksgiving without my soldier and I can assure you it was one of the hardest holidays without him. Be sure to take the time to encourage and lift-up a military-family this week!

– Leanne from

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