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Last week during the fantastic Stand Up For Heroes program in New York we had the pleasure of attending with several military bloggers. We all came to see and report on how the Bob Woodruff Foundation was supporting our wounded Heroes and enjoy an evening in the Big Apple. We had a fun time, if not hilarious, listening to entertainers supporting the troops but then I realized I had fun for another reason! I was around military folks and those who cared about them! We were there on a mission to tell the world about this exceptional effort to support the troops and their families (funds raised that night and later go the Woodruff Foundation to fund public awareness, education and national and community programs for wounded heroes and their families).

But conversation among the bloggers and veterans revealed a common heritage, concern for the troops and “how can we help” attitude! One conversation as we drove through New York City about personal experiences of veteran family members fearing driving under a bridge, watching roadside activity, driving too fast or erratically and sitting in a restaurant with your back to the wall watching the door simply would not occur in a civilian setting! Even polite discussions including a yes sir/maam, a shake of the hand and respect shown for the service/rank was acknowledged. We felt comfortable with each other, relaxed with military stories and shared our thoughts openly about the troops with others.

We all appreciated the efforts of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Sears and Euro RSCG Worldwide PR for bringing us together and we look forward to continuing our efforts to tell you about programs like this that support our heroes! A big thank you and it was our pleasure to shake the hands of fellow military bloggers:

NameBlogTwitterMatt GallagherKerplunk@matt__gallagherRuthie AlekseyeySpouseBuzz@spousebuzzTroy StewardBouhammer@bouhammer, @youservedBeth WilsonEnlistedSpouse@Beth_Wilson @EnlistedSpousesDeborah KissingerMilitaryAvenue@MilAve_DeborahDale KissingerMilitaryAvenue@MilAve_Col_K

You can read some great articles about Stand Up For Heroes by clicking on their links! If you would like to donate and support the Heroes please go to for more information! The Woodruffs bring a great combination of connection with our Heroes and the media community that helps spread the word about this great effort!

Photo Credit: Col Dale and Deborah Kissinger, at dinner hosted by Sears, The Bob Woodruff Foundation, Euro RSCG Worldwide PR Stand Up For Heroes, NY, NY! used with permission: image taken by Marcos Rivera and is property of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR.

As a part of attending the Stand Up For Heroes event, Sears Holdings provided my travel, accommodations and a FlipCm to capture on-site footagebyColonel KonTuesday, November 09, 2010Military Life:,,,

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