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I really enjoyed a blog post from the DoD's Family Matters blog and wanted to be sure to share it with you. These are some great ideas for a wife, daughter, sister, friend that is deployed but you can always take the thought and apply it to your loved-one. [Like I'm thinking if I sent my husband curtains and a comforter he would have been more 'annoyed' then appreciative... but maybe that's just my hubs ;)]

The following are some care package items I found especially awesome while I was deployed:
-- A stack of 11x17 landscape prints from a friend who is a professional photographer.
-- A peppy comforter and matching curtains sewn to fit the dimensions of my trailer window. Also, a new sheet set and a foam mattress pad to make my bed more comfortable.
-- A mini-rice maker and a bag of rice helped me stay healthy by enabling me to skip occasional meals at the all-you-can-eat dining hall. Just-add-boiling-water meals were nice, too.
-- Good books friends and family members back in the States had recently read. I discovered several great books by authors that I might not have otherwise picked up and it gave me something interesting to discuss in letters and e-mails.
-- Ground coffee from my favorite coffee roaster in San Diego.
-- Fashion magazines and current newspapers from back home.
-- Watercolor paints.
-- Fancy shampoos, lotions and soaps.
-- Tape and scissors.
-- Decorations for the holidays, including the minor holidays, like a small pumpkin for Halloween.
-- Blank cards for sending thank you notes.

Read the full article: Family Matters Blog: Blogger Shares Secrets for Creating Exceptional Care Packages

Army Wife Network also has some great resources at Care Packages as well to get your creative juices flowing:

Sending a care package to your loved one not only shows you love them but it is an important part of staying connected. We have tons of ideas for you!
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and I'll interject my own 'Fathers Day' Care Package Ideas

What are some of your favorite ideas? resources? home-made items that were a success and store bought items that were a touch of home?

One more thought from me... While Hubs was deployed I wrote out what he wanted ... Care Packages & the USO:
"He said one of the best things people can 'send' is to make contributions to the USO. Apparently, they put on some pretty good programs for their battalion and entire base. He would like to see them continued. Between the USO and MWR they have some really entertaining programs (small and large) that help their time pass a little faster."

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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