What Are We Sharing with Our Young People?

What a great opportunity! I had been invited to talk to a high school government class about my military service and it turned out to be a fun time! My daughter-in-law Becky is a teacher (so is my wife and another daughter-in-law,). Becky had some high school juniors with a unique assignment to interview someone who was employed or had been employed with the US government.

My military experience provided an opportunity to tell the kids about you, our military community! During the class I introduced myself and then they each had questions to ask! They asked some great ones! For example, what was the most traumatic moment you saw, would you serve again if you knew what you know now, how was your family affected, how much training did you receive and many many more! It was almost an hour of exchange at the end of a school day and approaching the Christmas break! Not exactly the optimum time but it did not faze them, they were intent!

I found out one student was from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one had a brother in the Navy and several others had limited military contact with the military community. It was Pearl Harbor Day and I had to explain what that day meant! Many did not know what happened on that day in 1941 so we briefly talked about it! I told them about your sacrifices as military families, how many deployments you faced, what it was like to be separated for so long and miss family events together. Becky told them I had missed one son’s birth (her husband) and we shared some humor as well. They were interested in the type of training, military benefits (at the urging of one teacher) and career tracks! I explained that the benefits were good but at the whim of Congress and never really to be counted on but the service life was so well worth it to me!

Each student is tasked to write a report about the class and they all took notes! Four teachers listened to the class and one invited me to come back in March and talk to another class which is great! This is an opportunity and it is important to tell our young people about the military community! Thank you Becky!

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