Getting Ready to Say "See you soon"

Goodbye ... Love You ... I'll miss you ... See you soon!

All words I will be uttering tomorrow morning.

Hubs is off to Virginia for some military training. Two weeks. It isn't the end of the world. We've done a year; two weeks is nothing. I remember my dad leaving for months at a time for training, two weeks is just a drop in the bucket.

But it is two weeks of being a 'Sometimes Single Mom'. Two weeks of missing my right-hand-man. Two weeks of good-night via AIM or phone. Just about enough time to get in the swing of things and then to have him back!

Ironically, his leaving coincides with the end of Christmas break. So, as much as I am /SERIOUSLY/ looking forward to getting back into routine, especially my three school-aged boys; I am also dreading it because it will be just me getting them up, getting them out the door, greeting them at the end of their school day, getting homework done, getting dinner done, getting them to evening events, and then getting them down for bed.

But this isn't about 'woe is me' because I am capable. I am strong. He is part of me, not all of me. This is about how very fortunate I am to KNOW that I am going to miss Hubs. It is wonderful being in a marriage where love is the center, we are the center. I know that we will miss each other. I know he will come back to very open arms! [And yes I know I will very much look forward to some me-time upon his return :)]

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. two weeks is nothing! my man is gone right now for 6 months. take the time to enjoy missing him and remember how much you love him! you are lucky!

    1. I hear you. In fact, "We've done a year; two weeks is nothing." (4th sentence of the first real paragraph) Kind of funny what perspective brings us. :) We survived the year, we survived two weeks, we'll do it all again too. Hope your six months zooms by and your man will be back in your arms before you know it!


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