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It is not easy being a military spouse. But particularly in the career field! Deployments, being a temporary single-mom and the career fast-track don't go hand in hand. PCSing every couple of years, finding a new job at the new location, and climbing the career ladder aren't easy.

If you are looking for some resources be sure to visit our Reading Room on MilitaryAvenue.com. We have articles from the experts to get you on the right track!

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Also be sure to checkout Army Wife Network's recent Field Problem™ - Career Conundrum. Some more great advice - from military-wives, for military-wives!

What is your advice to fellow military spouses? What job fields have you find success with? Is your company extra accommodating to your needs? Give them a shout-out! We'd love to hear.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Great article!

    I applied to be an AFCPE Military Spouse Financial Counselor Fellow and have had a lot of job prospects and success getting jobs. But the Navy makes it hard to keep the jobs - we have moved twice in 1 year.

    THere is always a need for financial counseling. Another amazing job opp that I"ve seen living overseas is photography.

    For anyone that even just likes to take pictures, I would recommend taking photography classes before they head overseas, and start their own business. The turnover makes it possible for people to keep coming in as photographers. I have met a lot of successful military spouse photographers.

  2. That is a great idea, Carmen! I /love/ taking pictures with my little point and shoot. I have a someday dream of investing in a nice camera but taking the time to really learn to photograph is a wonderful investment in your future. I think any time spent learning about something you love is a wise investment.

  3. Those who belong to the military deserves this kind of benefit. It is one of thanking them for their bravery and their love for the country and its people.

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