We are military-wives. We know suffering. Some of us worse then others. Some have lost husbands to war. Some have lost their soul mates to PTSD. Some have lost any sense of closure when something happens ‘back home’ and unable to go to the ones that need them in their hour of need.

Other struggles aren’t as bad. But still leave us hurting and feeling miserable. Saying goodbye to our spouse for a year deployment. Saying goodbye to the best of friends as we move across the country, the world. Watching our children struggle with depression because of their “Military Brat” lifestyle. All suffer.

Today at church our sermon was on Ephesians 3:1-13, about the suffering of Christians. Here is a man, Paul, in prison, writing a letter to folks saying … ‘Yes, I am suffering. But yes, I can endure.’ And so I simply want you to know that as a military-spouse … you can endure!

Through suffering we can identify with others. We can identify with Christ but we can also identify with others that are suffering. We can empathize with someone when they are in need. We can be a friend, a mentor, we can say yes I have ‘been-there-done-that’ and here is how to get-over-it and climb this mountain.

Suffering is noble. Think of your spouses that are serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places of hardship. They are noble. They are American Heroes. They serve rather than expect to be served. We, as spouses, can do the same. When we are in the midst of hardship, instead of saying ‘woe is me’, let’s say “I will endure for the greater good”. A pity-party isn’t going to solve our troubles. However, a sense of relentless endurance will help pull us through.

Lastly, suffering leads to passion. Have passion to overcome suffering. If you have struggled in the past learn from it. Teach others. Equip them. Show them how to endure.

My hardships are nothing in comparison to some! But the hardships I have endured have defined me. Quite for the better. How about you? Will you let these hardships break you down or build you up?

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanne KocsisonSunday, January 16, 2011Military Life:,,

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