USAA's iPad Application - Be informed!

When we are informed we make better decisions.

That is what USAA's iPad application is all about! I have had the privilege of previewing their banking app for the iPad and I have to say I am mighty impressed. It just suits me. It is clean. It is organized. It makes me feel like I am in control. That is important when it comes to finances!

I love the look of the Insurance Policy pages. Like a small library of policies. Pick a book. Open it up. Before you lies everything you need to know about your auto insurance policy, or your home-policy, or your life insurance. All at your fingertips, literally.
I love the ease of transferring money. From our savings to checking. On the fly. A bill comes in the mail pick up the iPad and pay it. Just like that. Review your IRAs, Mutual Funds. It's all there.

My husband is our main household finances guy. He pays the bills, balances the books, makes sure we are getting the most bang for our hard-earned buck! It was really nice to sit down together and look through our account balances, see where our last credit card transactions were, think about the future of our home-equity line of credit. All from the comfort of our couch.

My husband, a closet techno-gadget geek, enjoyed the articles posted on the app. Important topics that affect our future; subjects like IRAs, Credit Scores, Identity Theft and Scams. It is nice in this hustle and bustle world to take 5 to 10 minutes to become informed. We are all busy and in this age of information it is important to have a company that we can turn to knowing they are taking care of us, the military family. USAA is providing us with a valuable resource. Adapting to our needs, our way of taking in information.

So if you are an iPad owner and a USAA member head to the App Store on your device. (And if you are not a USAA member this is just another fantastic reason to become one!) The application will be available at midnight on January 29th.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

Thank you to USAA for supplying an iPad for our use for the review of their product.


  1. I am having issues with the app locking up on me if I pause for a couple of minutes.

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