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Military Family Life MilitaryAvenue.com brings a lot to the table. Part of our lifestyle-offering for Military Families is our Blog, 'Our Letters' to You, written by military-families for your enjoyment, knowledge and empowerment.Find out how much we have to offer. ...

Suffering We are military-wives. We know suffering. Some of us worse then others. Some have lost husbands to war. Some have lost their soul mates to PTSD. Some have lost any sense of closure when something happens 'back home' and unable to go to the ones that need them in their hour of need. Other struggles aren't as bad. But still leave us hurting and feeling miserable. Saying goodbye to our spouse for a year deployment. Saying goodbye to the best of friends as we move across the country, the world. ...

Military Spouse Employment It is not easy being a military spouse. But particularly in the career field! Deployments, being a temporary single-mom and the career fast-track don't go hand in hand. PCSing every couple of years, finding a new job at the new location, and climbing the career ladder aren't easy.If you are looking for some resources be sure to visit our Reading Room on MilitaryAvenue.com. We have articles from the experts to get you on the right track! ...

Tips for Managing Your Money Managing your money can be challenging. The key is learning what to do with the money you already have, and the money you earn. Set Up a Budget: List your income sources; always use after-tax income in your calculations. Figure your expenses. Set aside 5% of your income for savings. Subtract your expenses from your income and savings to see how much spending money you have. ...

Menu Monday: Italian Tortellini Soup I am a /huge/ fan of the slow-cooker. It helps with the crazy routine of the day and allows me prepare a meal when there are a few moments of calm. If you are looking for a tasty, winter, soup filled with the aroma and comfort of Italian food give this meal a try! Put it all together when the baby is taking a morning nap, the preschooler is creating a masterpiece on paper, or the kids are off to school. ...

Winter's Wordless Wednesday: Stubborn Oak Hanging In There! Check out some pictures of an oak just not willing to lose his leaves despite the winter weather.

Planning a Military Wedding Doesn't Have to be a Saber-Rattling Experience Unlike other areas of the military service, there are no steadfast rules in the marriage process. Getting married by a Navy chaplain really is not much different than getting married by a civilian minister, priest, or rabbi. The only differences occur in the way a couple chooses to marry. ...

TRICARE to Extend Dependent Coverage to Age 26 To ensure military families don’t get left out as the new national health care reform law extends parent’s health insurance to their children up to age 26, TRICARE plans to roll out its new Young Adult Program by spring and to provide an option to make coverage retroactive to Jan. 1. The new program will allow qualified, unmarried military children up to age 26 to buy health care coverage under their parents’ TRICARE plans through age 26, defense officials announced yesterday. ...

Protecting American Lives and Property: The Air Force Reserve Command – DoD Roundtable It is easy to forget the quiet professionals, not to recognize those who treat you politely or give you great customer service. Sometimes we are too busy or we just fail to respond when we should say thank you. ...

Are You Getting Married for the Right Reasons? Myths of Marrying in the Military A Sailor getting fresh air on the deck of a ship says to his buddy, "I can't wait to get back home. I wish I could get a place of my own in town, but I'll be stuck living on this ship." The other Sailor, unflatteringly regarded as a "sea lawyer," responds, "Hey, why don't you just marry another Sailor, and then you'll get paid more money to live off base and always be stationed together?" ...

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