Military Saves Week: Ideas from our Community of Military Families and Friends

I enjoyed the tips that we got from Facebook Fans and MilitaryAvenue Partners and wanted to share them with you, our blogging community:

  • Again, a big ‘Congrats’ to the winner in our “Penny Saved. Penny Earned.” Contest was Roxie. Her savings idea was: “Pack healthy snacks and drinks for the little ones in reusable containers and bpa free drink bottles. There’s nothing like hungry kids in the car to make you spend a lot of money for unhealthy, greasy drive-thru fast food out of desperation! Good for the environment, good for your kids, good for your wallet.:-)” … and here are some more great ideas …
  • Master Craft Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services: Live by the concept of ‘paying yourself first!’ Too often we pay all of our bills and discretionary spending causes savings to get left off of the list. (I wrote about just this thought yesterday! Military Saves Week: That Wind in Our Hair )
  • Ryan: Max out ROTH IRA every year
  • Marla: We have recently paid off a car so since then we have rerouted that allotment to our savings account. Now every month when that payment would have gone out, it is now in savings. The best part is I will have enough to meet my husband in port for the first time in his time in the military. We are so excited!!
  • Brenda: Make a budget and stick with it! I saved $50 elect. when I wrapped hot water heater and turned it off or down at night. Save more with the energy efficient light bulbs. Also save on water by filling a water jug and placing it in toilet tank. We have smorg night when we eat all the left overs in fridge. Cut back on eating out.
  • Brenda: Your windows and doors can loose heating or cooling. Insulate them well and fill in cracks with a caulking gun. It works wonders.
  • Shannon: To help save money, we used only cash for a long time. Pulled out (4) envelopes labelled gas, food, church and entertainment. Once it was gone, that was it until the next pay period. And we also froze our credit cards. Faster payoff on debt, faster money in our savings…
  • Sherry: Buy only what you need. Don’t purchase something just because it is on sale or because you have a coupon for it.
  • Ashley: We still keep a change bucket (besides our obvious accounts), before we know it, it is filled! We turn it in for cash and use it for movies, milk, or every other day items! That way,we aren’t dipping into any of our bank accounts! (Especially w/4 children & a dog!)
  • April: My husband & I will pay for items with cash & pay in whole amounts ie:something that costs $12.53, pay with $13, then take the change & put it into a jar. At the end of the year, you can take the money & either put it into savings or take a vacation, or even both. You will be surprised how quickly the change adds up.
  • Mary: Use coupons… Take the amount saved each time and put it in a jar. You’ll have extra money in no time. Also at the end of the week, empty your pocket/purse change into the jar. (We keep our loose change in a small-bank that sorts the coins. Then once a month we head to the kids’ bank and deposit rolled coins in their college accounts. It may be only a few dollars in each account, but it adds up!)
  • Angel: We match up coupons with store coupons and/or sale prices to really maximize our savings! We buy enough at the best price to last us until the next great deal. Can’t beat name brand items for very cheap or even free!
  • Chris: Before grocery shopping for the week, “shop” in your cupboards/freezer first. Use what you already have on hand for menu planning. Once menu is created, shop for items needed. This tip can save up to $50 per week or more! Happy Shopping! (On a related note, we try to do leftovers for dinner once a week, or every other week. It is a great way to clean out the frig and makes for a fairly easy meal.)

What are your tips? Even if it is just saving a few dimes here and there… they add up! Share with your fellow military-families. We’d love to hear!

Here are some other ideas we live by from the MilitaryAvenue Team:

Last note: If you are making a purchase ask if they offer a Military Discount! Home Depot and Lowes offer 10% off for Active Duty, Retired, National Guard, Reserves year round. If you have a military ID you are eligible. Old Navy offers a discount once a month. Many cellular phone companies offer a discount. Here is a great list of local-discounts. Find your installation to find local discounts:

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