Our National Anthem

Here are two of my favorite versions of the National Anthem by a major recording artist in case we want to remember how it /should be/ done. I especially enjoy the first one, with Whitney Houston, and the tie to the military in the short video:

And really I can’t skip this one (even blogged about it earlier, Patriotism and My Community):

Ironically, I missed where and how Christina Aguilera messed up last night’s National Anthem for the Super Bowl. The TV was on, she started singing, and my kindergartner said “Why are they singing?” My husband had arrived home minutes before hand, coming in from the field, dressed in his ACUs. He hadn’t changed yet and had sat down to catch the beginning of one of his favorite sporting events. Upon hearing his son’s question he explained the importance of the song, soldier to son. Maybe it is a good thing that we, in fact, missed what was happening on TV.

The National Anthem is part of me and not something to be messed with. Thank you to all our military and families for helping preserve the freedoms this song encompasses!

– Leanne from

PS: I’m taken back to my life as a Brat where all the movies at the various base theaters started with the National Anthem. Imagine my surprise when going to a movie off base and not standing before the movie started… talk about culture shock.

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