A penny saved is a penny earned!

Saving, something that is dear to my heart. My husband is a tightwad frugal. I love to throw money away spend money. We meet in the middle. I have learned to cut back majorly on my trips to Target. He has learned not to get quite so upset when I come home with a brand-spankin’ new, couldn’t be passed up, it was a great deal, home decoration of some sort. (In fact, I wrote about it in more detail last year: The Stress of Making a Purchase.)

Saving is a mindset:

  1. Turn the lights and TV off when you leave the room
  2. Teach your children to be good-stewards. Explain why they need to close the door behind them, or turn the light off in their room after they leave
  3. Set up your TSP. Even just a small amount automatically saved each month is a great start!
  4. Empower yourself! Learn about the latest in savings, keep up to date with others’ ideas. (We have some great articles to get you started: Resources: Money & The Military)

A few more great suggestions. Head over to Military Saves, “a national campaign to persuade, motivate, and encourage military families to save money every month, and to convince leaders and organizations to be aggressive in promoting automatic savings”. Take the pledge!

Then give back to others: on Facebook is asking how you save in various categories. Scroll through their questions. Each tip provides $1 to Operation Purple. So you help others think about saving with your ideas, and you help send a military child to camp for the summer. Win-Win-Win!

Finally win something for yourself:

How do you save? “A penny saved is a penny earned!” What is your best-saving tip, big or small? Head over to our Facebook Page and let us know! The idea / comment with the most ‘likes’ will win an iPod, courtesy of and USAA, as part of our Rockin’ the Avenue initiative. Responses must be posted to the original post & cannot be floating on the wall. Responses due by 2000hrs EST on 18 Feb 2011.

Can’t wait to see your ideas! I know I’m learning right along side you. Now excuse me as I look through Target’s latest ad.

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanne KocsisonSaturday, February 12, 2011Military Life:,,,,

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