Seed Packets Promise a Garden of Beauty

We live in zone 5b. I did not realize this. I was a zip code and area code type person. Now, I can add planting zone: frost free date zone to my list of where to pinpoint my “home is where the heart is” on the map.
Knowing your frost free zone is of premier importance for gardeners. It is the point where you little debutantes can come out and meet the world outside of the green house. I nurtured some impatiens and alyssum last year and saw their frozen little bodies worthless in a garden last year. Impatient can be imprinted on my garden gloves…. need to wait… need to hold off one more week. So, it is learning, trying and reading on my list of things to do. We have lived in this zone now for 7 gardening seasons. So much to plant, so much to enjoy, so much to look forward to seeing. Oh how the gardens call!
Therefore, it is with joy that planting charts are available. Planting charts can take some of the guess work out of hardening your seedlings. Weather and charts do not always talk to each other!
It is time to go off to the garden department and peruse the kiosks with beautiful seed packages. For zone 5b it is time to start Ageratum (purple flower with velvety leaves). gerbera (daisy like colorful flower) impatiens (low growing, multicolored flowers) lobelia, moss rose, slavia, and snapdragons. Oh… let me out! Let me play in the dirt, I’m ready… but that snow out there… must wait!byDeborahonSaturday, February 19, 2011Military Life:,,

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