That Still Small Voice

This morning got off to a late start. Hubs and I began to awaken at about 8:45am with Baby Boy nestled comfortably between us. (The Rubber Band Effect) We needed to be out the door for church at 9:00am. Didn’t look like that would happen. So we decided we would hit the 11:15am church service, instead of arriving frantically late at the 9:30am service.

Since 11:15 isn’t our usual church service we decided to let the kids sit with us, instead of going to Sunday School with a different group of kids than usual. They enjoyed the sounds of the band, but five-year old *C* was fidgeting from the get-go. He can’t sit still, and I even had to ask him at one point to get out of under our pew while we sang.

So five-minutes into the sermon he declared he had to go to the bathroom, no real surprise. He and I snuck out and as I stood in the main corridor outside of the restroom I noticed a bulletin board. There were about a dozen service-members in uniform. Some in their photo alone, some surrounded by family, some professional, others candid. To the right was the US Flag in a flag-box with a plaque. It had been flown in Afghanistan and was sent to the church as a Thank You for our service-member support.

There I stood. In the church corridor. Not with the congregation. Disappointed a moment earlier that I was missing the message from our pastor. Then I heard my own little message. Pray. And I did. For each of those service-members. Each one loved by a family member in my church. Each one serving our nation.

If you see a frazzled mom in the grocery store with a toddler run-a-muck, a tired co-worker that seems a little dazed despite the project looming in front of you both, a stranger that just cut you off on the highway and seems completely oblivious… take that moment to pray for them, and if you can help them do that. It is amazing the situations we find ourselves in where we may not hear God talking to us, yet he whispers in His very still way. My whisper came from a little boy who just can’t sit still and my prayer for these service members was heard by the High King above.

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanne KocsisonSunday, February 20, 2011Military Life:,,

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