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Military Saves Week: That Wind in Our Hair: Fresh out of college. Brand new job. This was my former life. I worked for Hewitt Associates (HA), a benefits administration company, in their customer service department. Our clients' employees called us to help with their health care benefits, 401(k) plans and pension plans. After a bit of time with HA I became 'the manager' you talked to if you had a problem with your 401(k). Yes, I knew the rules and regulations like the back of my hand.Fresh out of college. Brand new job. Disposable income. ...

America Does Support Our Troops!: I am a Vietnam era Veteran and an Afghanistan era veteran and everything in between as well! I remember the 60s and 70s and I so appreciate how America is now recognizing and supporting our men and women and their families! We see thousands of small businesses on MilitaryAvenue with a military discount and a sense of pride and patriotism among our citizens when talking about veterans. ...

MilitaryAvenue.com Resources: Money & The Military: Looking for some resources related to money-management? Look no further: February 2011 Savings Tips Drive - Give one, take a dozen! - Go "savings crazy" with MilitaryMoney.com's Facebook Savings Tips Drive, sponsored by USAA during the month of February 2011. With a goal of compiling the 50 most innovative ideas on how to save money, Military Money.com is asking readers to "drop off" their tips in a number of categories including: Utilities, Housing, Food and Kids. ...

The Rubber Band Effect: This isn't going to be one of those feel good , I know what I'm doing, all is well, posts. After all I haven't had a stretch of more than three hours of sleep in oh ... many many moons.Baby Boy *L*, 6 months old, as cuddly as they come. I am trying desperately to establish an earlier bed time routine. We have been nursing from 8:30pm till 11pm - Yes, for that long - in the comfort of my bed, my legs stretched out with a good book in my hands or my iPad at my side. By 11pm I'm exhausted. ...

That Still Small Voice: This morning got off to a late start. Hubs and I began to awaken at about 8:45am with Baby Boy nestled comfortably between us. We needed to be out the door for church at 9:00am. Didn't look like that would happen. So we decided we would hit the 11:15am church service, instead of arriving frantically late at the 9:30am service.Since 11:15 isn't our usual church service we decided to let the kids sit with us, instead of going to Sunday School with a different group of kids than usual. ...

Tasty Tuesday: Dried Fruit, a great on-the-go, money-saving, snack: On the go! That describes our family of six! From high-school wrestling meets, to work meetings through lunch; from putting together quick school lunches to grabbing a snack on the way out the door to play with friends, healthy options at our finger tips are a necessity.A few years ago we caught the 'dehydrating' bug. Hubs learned to make homemade beef jerky. Then we expanded and learned to dry fruit. Fruit at our fingertips. ...

Military Saves Week: Use that Thermos! A big congratulations to Roxie Curtis. She was our winner in our Penny Saved. Penny Earned. Contest. We had a lot of GREAT ideas and I can't wait to highlight a few of them! Roxie's was a true winner in my book: Pack healthy snacks and drinks for the little ones in reusable containers and bpa free drink bottles. There's nothing like hungry kids in the car to make you spend a lot of money for unhealthy, greasy drive-thru fast food out of desperation! Good for the environment, good for your kids, good for your wallet. :-) ...

A Snow Day Workout for TRICARE Kids: A snow day can cause excitement for many children. A day without school means texting friends, talking on the phone, playing video games, watching TV and eating lots of junk food. Sadly, bad winter weather can encourage bad winter habits. “A snow day workout – outside or inside – can keep children busy and active,” said Cmdr. Aileen Buckler (USPHS), TRICARE population health physician. “It can also start them on a path to getting and staying in shape.” ...

A penny saved is a penny earned!: Saving, something that is dear to my heart. My husband is frugal. I love to spend money. We meet in the middle. I have learned to cut back majorly on my trips to Target. He has learned not to get quite so upset when I come home with a brand-spankin' new, couldn't be passed up, it was a great deal, home decoration of some sort. (In fact, I wrote about it in more detail last year: The Stress of Making a Purchase.) Saving is a mindset: ...

Military Career Status Bonus: Been in the military over 10 years? There's a $30,000 decision to make in the next few years. Now's the time to understand the Career Status Bonus. USAA's June Walbert, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner offers her advice.

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