Week in Review: Week of January 30 - February 5, 2011 (Military News) #MilitaryMon

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Happy Groundhogs Day: Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil is being 'overshadowed' by this huge blizzard / ice storm across the Midwest and Northeast. There was nothing about it in our local news this morning so I had to do a little research to find the GREAT news! ...

Who is an advocate for your family?: Yesterday after church we headed to the zoo for the afternoon. As a family of six... sometimes we are our own little zoo, or at least circus... but I was really craving some family time. Away from the TV; Away from the video games; Away from the hustle and bustle of home life.We had a blast! We did the Rainforest first, completely indoors and a great place to see toads, snakes, bats, fishing cats, orangutans and much much more. ...

Protecting American Lives and Property: The Air Force Reserve Command – DoD Roundtable: It is easy to forget the quiet professionals, not to recognize those who treat you politely or give you great customer service. Sometimes we are too busy or we just fail to respond when we should say thank you. This could not be truer than for three Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) C-130 aircraft missions that we rarely hear about ...

New Website Promotes Military Info Sharing: Whether they’re moving into a new contingency operation or upgrading operations for an existing one, U.S. forces have a new weapon at their disposal when setting up or reconfiguring their command-and-control architectures. Thanks to the new “C2 Central” website established by U.S. Joint Forces Command, details about command-and-control systems -– from their capabilities to their availability to user feedback about how they operate -- are just a few keystrokes away. ...

Introducing the USAA App for iPad®: Introducing an innovative new way to manage your finances — the free USAA App for iPad®. Learn more at http://www.usaa.com/ipad. INSURANCE — Access your USAA policies easily from a virtual bookshelf. BANKING — Pay bills, transfer funds and view account history. INVESTMENTS — Get stock quotes, place trades and view market activity. ADVICE -- Explore relevant articles and informative financial advice videos. ...

NFL Continues Military Partnership at Super Bowl: From Air Force fighter jet flyovers to Army parachutists dropping in at halftime, the U.S. military and the National Football League have shared more than 40 years of Super Bowl history. That tradition continues this week during the Super Bowl XLV festivities in North Texas. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing for their second Super Bowl win in three years as they face the Green Bay Packers at Cowboys Stadium on Feb. 6. ...

101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse: Despite being written and compiled in 2009 this article continues to be very popular on 'Our Letters to You'. We must be on to something! Be sure to check this list out and then show a military-spouse how you appreciate them.

MilitaryAvenue.com Resources: Buying a Home: Is buying a home in your future? Here are some resources from MilitaryAvenue.com to help prepare you to own a piece of the "American Dream".

Worry and Its Diminishing Return: This week BabyBoy *L* broke out in a terrible rash. It started on Wednesday morning and I decided to not overreact as I feel I so often do. He wasn't overly-fussy or scratching at himself. Simply, his body had broken out in hives /everywhere/; from the top of his head to his ankles, around his arms and in all of the folds of his skin. I knew he had his well-baby, 6 month, checkup on Friday and thought, eh, he's fine. We will make it to Friday. It was taking everything in me not to worry. ...

Suicide Prevention Alliance Focuses on Troops, Veterans: A suicide prevention task force for troops and veterans has been added to a national alliance that officials hope will help bring more attention to the issues and offer solutions in the future. The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention last week announced that troops and veterans -– identified as a high-risk group –- were added because of their increased suicide rates. ...

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