Look at Something Beautiful

The simple act of pausing in your hectic day and looking at something pleasing to your eyes can improve your outlook and make you feel good:

Some suggestions:

  • Keep a picture of your spouse at your work desk
  • Set your computer to slide show when it is idle to show some of your favorite pictures
  • Watch the sunset if you are a night-owl or the sunrise if you are a morning-person
  • Put a vase of spring-cut flowers on your kitchen table
  • Find a favorite piece of art to hang in your halls or over your bed
Watch for more ideas in this new series from the MilitaryAvenue Team: Staying Healthy

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

Inspired by 100 ways to feel better every day (Military OneSource acct required)


  1. I cleaned my desk off. It is beautiful! I feel better. Oh, such a simple thing. I do love the flowers outside the window, and the pictures on the wall. Thanks! I do feel better with my mind starting with a smile!

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