Mother's Day Greetings in the Stars and Stripes

When we think about soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen on Mother's Day we most often think about the mom sitting back at home hoping their Hero is safe and out of harm's way.  Not often do we think about that Hero thinking of her own children who are back home and missing them to pieces.  But it is true.  According to usmilitary.about.com "Women make up about 20 percent of today's military."  I'm sure they could use a message of support this upcoming Mother's Day!

Once again Stars and Stripes is printing messages in their overseas additions for our loved ones!  When my husband was in Iraq my boys sent him a short message that he found in the Father's Day edition of the newspaper.  What a wonderful little sentiment from home!

Send a FREE message to Mom. Greetings received by April 18 will be printed in Stars and Stripes on May 8 in its Middle East, European and Pacific editions.

So if you know a mom serving overseas do it today!  Let's remind them how much they are loved!:  http://messages.stripes.osd.mil/

Here are a couple of  great stories about our Heroes who also wear the title "Mom" with pride:

Family Finds Connection to Deployed Mom Online: The Klein household was fairly typical: mom and dad worked, and their two rambunctious boys kept them busy the rest of the time. Mom was the snuggler, the reader of bedtime stories, the primary source of emotional support for the kids. ...

Family Matters Blog: Blogger Copes With Military Mom’s Guilt: Military moms have the regular parental guilt that comes from worrying if our kids have enough: enough interaction, enough activities, enough education, but we have more insidious guilt as well. The kind that sneaks into the house and sits at the dinner table when Mom or Dad is on duty (again) or on deployment. The kind of guilt that hangs around your neck like a weight when our child’s arms haven’t hung there for not just hours, but days, weeks and months. ...

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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