Staying Healthy: Headaches

I am a headache-victim, -survivor, -conqueror!  I get allergy-related headaches, stress headaches and worst of all, migraines.  If headaches affect you, get help:
  • Make an appointment to see your health care provider for an accurate diagnosis.  Become informed about your headache type and treatment options.  I sometimes feel petty bringing up my headaches at regular doctor's visits ... but they aren't /just/ headaches. They are a physical and mental derailments!
  • To help with occasional tension headaches, try a warm shower, rest or relaxation techniques.  Just closing your eyes for 20 minutes can help a lot.
  • Some headaches are caused by dehydration.  Many physicians recommend that you drink at least eight-ounces of water or a sports drink at the onset of a headache.  Right now, go fill up a sports-bottle or large cup with water.  Make a goal.  Finish that water and you may be on the road to feeling healthier!
-  Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Saw on the morning show today that some headaches can be caused from allergies... even food dyes. Okay... can't get worried about too many things causing them - or that will cause a MAJOR headache. Guess that could be tension...

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