Week in Review: February 27 - March 5, 2011 (Military News) #MilitaryMon

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5 Things to Do With Your Income Tax Refund: Your refund is coming... Your refund is coming! OK, so maybe stealing from Mr. Revere is a bit overdramatic when talking about a potential income tax refund. After all, my message won't change the future of a nation. I am, however, OK with borrowing a bit of his attention-grabbing magic because if you are receiving a tax refund, my refund-management message could literally change the future for you. ...

"Gray Matter": David began his adult life as a car mechanic. Hands on cold gears, engine valves at his fingertips, head down and full pursuit of the fix to a fine running machine. Then he discovered he really wanted to “fix” another body: The Human One! He began his adventure in the medical world as the youngest member of his medical school class and excelled! Deciding on a specialty in neurosurgery he entered the profession in the one of the most intricate and dangerous areas where doctors go during surgery. ...

Tim McGraw Benefit: For the 2nd year, country music star Tim McGraw teamed with Outback Steakhouse for its ''Thanks For Giving'' program which benefits Operation Homefront. ...

MilitaryAvenue Alerts: Are you interested in Military Discounts in your area? Did you know we have numerous companies sign-up to be part of MilitaryAvenue every day? We call them MilitaryAvenue Partners. The Partners can have a free ad on MilitaryAvenue as long as they offer a military-discount to our well-deserving service-members and families. (That's you, military spouses and military members!) It can be hard to keep up with all the new discounts around any given installation so a few months ago we launched the Military Alerts System. ...

Girlfriends: Girl friends. My boys, 5 and 8, chuckle every time I say that word in reference to me. As if a Mom isn't supposed to have girl friends; an outlet, a circle to step inside and be /her/, not mom, wife, house-keeper extraordinaire. I hope that as they grow up they will find the best of guy-friends because friendship is one of those matters that can shape you so intrinsically.Saturday night, for the first time in *many* months, I got to step into my circle. Just me and three extraordinary gals. ...

U.S., Kuwait Mark Gulf War 20th Anniversary: This week marks 20 years since the United States, as part of a 34-nation coalition, drove Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army out of Kuwait, returning that nation to sovereignty and reshaping the U.S. military to the force it is today. U.S. service members will join military members from dozens of other coalition countries tomorrow in a grand military parade through the streets of Kuwait City, in what the Kuwaiti government is calling its country’s “Golden Jubilee.” ...

How to Prepare Your Kids for a Move: Moving is a major life event for adults — and even more so for children. As you plan your move, follow these pointers to help smooth their transition to a new community. Explain why you're moving. As candidly and clearly as possible, let your children know what's prompting the move. Acknowledge their feelings.
It's only natural for your child to feel anxious about a move — after all, you probably are, too. Rather than dismissing their feelings, let them know you understand. ...

March 4 Deadline Nears to Apply for Stop-Loss Pay: Service members, veterans and legally designated beneficiaries held on active duty under the Stop-Loss program between Sept. 11, 2001, and Sept. 30, 2009, must apply by March 4 to receive $500 in special retroactive pay for each month their service was extended. Although more than 100,000 unique claims have been initiated, many people eligible for the pay have yet to apply, officials said. Army officials conducted an extensive outreach plan to notify those eligible for the pay. ...

Understanding and preventing cold weather injuries: Each year, hundreds of Soldiers experience cold weather-related injuries. The responsibility for preventing these injuries is a command and leadership function, as well as a personal responsibility for each Soldier. Exposure to the cold can lead to a variety of problems and while the cold makes military tasks more difficult, it does not make them impossible. ...

Feeding my Brain: Today my son, *C*, jumped on the bus in his PJs. He is heading to school to enjoy a delicious breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham. Dr Seuss week is wrapping up. I just love when education is fun. And Dr Seuss sure is a whole lot of fun.*C*, my energetic, imaginative, prince. He is my second-born and wants SO much to be like his big-brother *E*, two-years older. He gets frustrated when he can't do what his 2nd grade brother does. And sometimes this brings him down.*E* is a top-notch reader. ...

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