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The Government Shutdown and your Paycheck: Anxiety ... it is never fun!  We have a lot we can be anxious for: children's needs, spouse's safety, future plans, family finances, the list is endless... I'm sensing a lot of anxiety about the possibility of a government shut down and then ultimately the fate of the military-paycheck come mid-May. Spouses are worried how the bills are going to be paid. Service-members are wondering how they are going to meet the needs of their families. Both are a bundle of unhealthy, preventable anxiety. ...

Kahlua Cake: A Light Dessert: The refrigerator does most of the work on this beauty. It truly is a beauty too, as it uses an angel food cake. Putting Kahlua cake together will take minutes. Blending the flavors and textures takes 2 hours as it sits in the refrigerator. ...

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011 - Spotlight MilitaryAvenue Partners: Military Spouse Appreciation Day is the Friday before Mother's Day, May 6th, 2011. It is a day to recognize the contributions of the Military Spouse to our US Military.  We recognize that there are many spouses out there that are running their own business, as well as managing the homefront and deserve some extra recognition from the MilitaryAvenue.com Team!  We would like to spotlight your business and the ways that you serve the military-families around you ...

Mrs. Mullen: Military Children Deserve Respect, Support: Military children need and deserve the nation’s utmost respect and support as they continue to weather a decade of war, the wife of the nation’s top military officer said here yesterday. “I do not believe, and have not believed for quite some time, that there are many issues more important to the future of our armed forces -- indeed to the future of our country -- than those confronting military children today,” said Deborah Mullen, wife of Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ...

Family Matters Blog: TRICARE Remains Intact for Japan-based Beneficiaries: I wanted to pass on some information regarding health care benefits as well as some contact numbers for TRICARE military health plan beneficiaries affected by the situation in Japan. First, TRICARE Management Activity officials would like to reassure beneficiaries that their health care benefits remain intact, even if they relocate. Overseas Program Prime beneficiaries may still access their benefit, and retirees and beneficiaries who are not command-sponsored will continue to have the Standard benefit, officials said. ...

TRICARE Shares the Many Benefits of Fiber-Rich Foods: Almost everyone hears about the need for enough fiber in their diet, but few understand the importance of dietary fiber. Most people get less than half the recommended amount of fiber each day, according to the National Institutes of Health. Higher intake of fiber from all food sources is beneficial.  Not only can fiber relieve constipation, some studies suggest that high-fiber diets might also help with weight loss and reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. The strongest evidence of fiber's benefits is related to cardiovascular health. ...

Soldier Inspires Others With Brain-injury Recovery: His first significant brain injury was a setback, but when he experienced several more a few years later, Army Capt. Galen Peterson figured he’d reached the end of his military career. “One of the biggest things that I struggled with when I was going through [traumatic brain injury] is the impression that my career and life as I knew it was over, that there was no way I could stay on active duty, much less an armor officer,” he said. ...

What does PCS mean to our MilitaryAvenue Partners?: Military acronyms are frequently a source of curiosity by our civilian family and friends and a source of much humor in the military community! Recently, my father, a WW2 veteran, told me of an acronym used by his pastor in a sermon that had its origin in WW2 GI slang and had become part of American culture and language. When the minister was informed of what he had just said if the acronym had been spelt out in its entirety, he was pretty surprised. We don't want our MilitaryAvenue Partners surprised by the term PCS! ...

Who is your BFF?: ... Who can you be a friend to today? Invite someone in the area you've lost touch with over for coffee. Perhaps someone new to the area would love a tour of the area. Even just a simple phone call to check on a spouse whose spouse recently deployed. We all need friends! Friendship starts by someone extending their hand or perhaps simply by saying "Will you sit by me?"

Education Activity Crisis Centers Open for Japan, Bahrain: The Department of Defense Education Activity has established crisis centers to assist parents of its students and employees who are affected by the voluntary relocations from Japan and Bahrain. The centers – one each in Virginia, Japan and Germany -- are accessible by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, officials said. Assistance is available in Japan from a Department of Defense Dependents Schools crisis team member by calling 0800-222-1993 or via email at evacuation.japan@pac.dodea.edu. ...

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