Who is your BFF?

The other day my 5 year old jumped off of the bus.  A big smile on his face. A quicken in his step.  I could tell he had a great day.

"How was your day, honey?"


"Guess what, Mom?  I have a BEST friend."

"Who is that?"

"*P*.  He is in my class AND he rides my bus.  *P* always asks me to sit by him."

Now that IS  a reason to declare it a great day.  The realization that you have a friend.  Not just any friend... but a best friend!

Who can you be a friend to today?  Invite someone in the area you've lost touch with over for coffee.   Perhaps someone new to the area would love a tour of the area.  Even just a simple phone call to check on a spouse whose spouse recently deployed.  We all need friends!  Friendship starts by someone extending their hand or perhaps simply by saying "Will you sit by me?"

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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