Building Resiliency in Military Children

/ Resilient /: Able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.

There are SO many words that can describe a Military-Child.  Resilient is the word that pops in to my head, first and foremost.  Other great descriptions:

Loyal - Adaptable - Strong - Supportive - Compassionate - Empowered

These are important words for a military-child!  Sometimes they come naturally, sometimes they may need to be reinforced.  This week Star Henderson and Tara Crooks of  Army Wife Network took the time to talk with Ingrid Torres-McCullough of the American Red Cross on the topic of building resiliency in military children.  What are symptoms of childhood-stress?  How do you help your child through the stress?  What about the extra stress of being a military-child?  Great questions!  Find your answers; take a listen and enjoy!

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(Ingrid Torres-McCullough begins speaking with our friends, Star and Tara at about the 35 minute mark.)

What do you need to do to support a Military Child?

Listen - Tolerance - Respect

... and very importantly as a Military-Parent, Take Care of Yourself!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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