A Dedication to my 6 year old

Happy Birthday to my *C*!  He turned six on Saturday.  It was a day filled with fun befitting our six-year old prince.  A 9:30am birthday party with 15 of his kindergarten friends; a 3:00pm soccer game in the rain and major-mud (see picture for the after-soccer game look); a favorite dinner of pasta, meatballs and bread, which after all the earlier fun in the day I had to wake him up off of the couch for.  Then to top it all off sundae-desserts at our kitchen counter.  It was just a great day!

This little boy is a light in my life.  He has the strength of a military-child.  The heart of a lover.  The thoughts of an artist.  The mind of a dreamer (seriously… he can still fall asleep /anywhere/.)  He is  so very different than his brothers and has taught me, as a mom, that there are no cookie-cutters when it comes to children.  (Really, I had to be taught that? Yep)  So my dear, *C*, here is to 6 more years, and 6 more years and 6 times 6 more years with some more to spare.

Mom LOVES you!
By the way, I love birthdays! In this hustle and bustle world it can be hard to remember to celebrate those that you love. Birthdays are just the perfect reminder to do that.  Here is a short little video dedicated to one of my favorite princes!

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