She Is 37, and Oh So Much More

She turned 37 yesterday, and has added more to our lives than oxygen and sunshine!
Let me describe Leanne
with words now appearing in alphabetical order
from A to Z!

1. Alert

2. Artistic

3. Beautiful

4. Captivating

5. Caring

6. Cheerleader

7. Cooperative

8. Courageous

9. Creative

10. Dedicated

11. Devoted

12. Downhill skier

13. Educated

14. Efficient

15. Empathetic

16. Example

17. Faithful

18. Funny

19. Gardener

20. Humorous

21. Imaginative


23. Inspirational

24. Intelligent

25. Intriguing

26. Loving

27. Mil spouse/ Brat

28. Nurture

29. Patriotic

30. Seeker

31. Sensitive

32. Skilled cook

33. Skilled writer

34. Sympathetic

35. Triumphant

36. Trusting

37. Zany

Her life is one of the best books ever written, and there is so many chapters that are out there to intrigue, impassion and inspire us. Keep writing Leanne, your life is precious and heart warming like a good thriller, mystery, love story... we wait for the next page!


  1. I'm blushing... thank you for all of those kind words! :) (You forgot to mention when you said Downhill skier that I am a FAST DON'T GET IN MY WAY Downhill skier ;).

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