Staying Healthy: Time for Us

An intimate relationship is one of life's greatest pleasures.  But it also takes planning and work.  We all need to make being together a priority.  Otherwise, life takes over and the relationship with your spouse takes the back-burner.

I ran across a blog-post this morning that I would highly recommend reading from Warren Baldwin, titled "Marriage: The Difficult Years"

While we often look at the similarities we share with the person we love, the differences cry out for recognition. Our bodies, communication, and emotional/mental processing are different. We both crave intimate connection with our spouses, but experience it differently; one uses communication to bond, the other to convey information; one looks for love, the other for respect; one defines romance in terms of emotional bonding, the other in terms of physical connection. We can never erase these differences, and it would be counterproductive to even try. But, we can recognize that they are a factor in how we become one flesh with our partner.

If we don't take time to be with one another, without distraction, then how can we really get to know one another, to be in sync with one another?

Last night my mother-in-law took my boys for the night.  What a blessing for my husband and me!  What can you to stay in touch with your spouse?  I know that quite often military families aren't geographically close to family.  Perhaps you can encourage your friends' marital relationship while helping your own. Can you have a sleep-over at your house, all the kids camped out in the living-room, so that friends can have some "couple-time"? Your friends can then return the favor the next month.  If you are empty nesters, have teenagers or are child free you can be adoptive Grandparents (or Aunt and Uncle if that sounds too old) for a young couple that needs some time.  It is so important for a couple to be not just Mom and Dad but Husband and Wife.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com


  1. Leanne,
    Thank you for mentioning this article on your blog. I have a video up now that I got from your blog and have linked back to here. There have only been a few comments on it, but over 100 people have seen it in just one day. Also got a copule of responses on fb to it. On fb I dedicated it to a young soldier who came home with a spinal injury from an IED. I coached this boy in baseball when he was 11 & 12.

    I like your suggestion to empty nesters (which Cheryl and I will be in 5 months) to become grandparents for younger families. I really like the family-flavor of your blog and articles. Cheryl and I used to take young couple's kids after church and have a simple lunch for them so their parents could go out and eat. We'd have as many as 15 little kids over. We did it when our kids were teenagers so they could 1) help us and 2) learn ministry. It was a little thing for us, but a big thing to young mothers who never got to go out.

    Good post. And thanks again.

  2. What a relief it is to have the brats off your back! Its certainly an occasion to spend some quality time together.


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