Eat With Your Family Day

Today is 'Eat With Your Family Day'.  Who knew?!   It is interesting the search terms that bring folks into our blog.  Most of them are quite applicable, but some make us scratch our head.  Last night we had visitor from Lahore, Punjab looking for "eat with your family day 2011". This peaked my interest, because quite frankly I find dinner time to be the most important time to connect.

Apparently this little known date is a day in Singapore:
May 27, 2011 is the date to mark on your calendar for Eat With Your Family Day. This annual event encourages organisations and education institutions like kindergarten, schools and tertiary institutes to cease operation by 5pm and release their staff and students to have dinner with their families - http://www.salt.org.sg/events_list/detail/4dc8de14-1344-43b7-9297-03507c3410df
We might not be in Singapore but do you make it a point to eat dinner with your family?  How do you make it happen with busy schedules?  I am a firm believer in planning ahead and the crock pot.  If I know what we are going to eat a head of time we can fit it into our very busy schedule.  Sometimes I plan out a whole week (the best option!) other times I figure it out first thing in the morning (better than not planning at all).  Sometimes we do hot dogs for dinner as a family (super easy).  Sometimes we get a little more complicated by throwing a whole chicken in the crock-pot in the morning with some onions and about 2 tablespoons of my favorite spices and let it cook all day  (Nope that wasn't very complicated at all.)

Looking for some recipes to add to your meal-planning list?  Recipes from MilitaryAvenue.com

What is the point?  Time with those we love.  Time to sit down (if only for 15 minutes) to find out how every one's day was.  Time to just be a family.

So let's all celebrate "Eat With Your Family Day", today and every day.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

PS: I ran across this blog post too "Say Yes to the Family Table".  If you are trying to figure out if making dinner 'family time' take a peak at this article.  It has some great points with a reminder that repition (particularly for young families) will make it easier... eventually.


  1. We always celebrate this eat with your family day. We believe that proper communication to children will make them grow more professionals and with values.plus It binds the family together

  2. we do that too and its comforting..


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