Getting a Grip on the Spring Sports Schedule

Holy Smokes!

I feel like I have been thrown into the lion’s pit.  The lion’s pit of an over-scheduled-family!  How did this happen?  Just this weekend we had three birthday parties, one soccer game, two baseball practices and running up to the elementary school twice for baseball-team pictures.  I can almost breath a sigh of relief that the weekend is over!  Almost…

This week we have three soccer practices, two soccer games, and four baseball practices, if I’m counting right.  And if I thought this last weekend was crazy… wait till next weekend when Hubs is out of town for a JAG conference.

I’m not a “soccer mom”.  I don’t have cute little family caricature-stickers on the back of a giganimous SUV.  I certainly cheer for my boys and their teams, but don’t expect me to be perky about it at 8am on a Saturday morning!  I’m just trying to make it through one evening at a time.  One Saturday at a time. When the kids are busy they are happy.   When the kids are happy Mom is happy.  I didn’t say /how/ happy.  (And busy … not stressed out to the max from being /too/ busy.)

What are your tricks of the trade for a busy schedule?  These are just some of my simple ideas:

  • The crock-pot!  (Can I get an ‘Amen’!?)
  • I took two old school-backpacks and put each of the boys’ soccer gear (shin guards, cleats, uniforms) in their own bag.  Nothing fancy.  Just something to keep them organized and be able to say ‘Grab your bag and get ready’.
  • I keep a golf umbrella and a “camping chair” in the van’s trunk.  (And I’ve had to use that umbrella more times then I’d like to count this Spring.)
  • Another organization tip: I have a trunk-organizer that holds soccer balls, baseball mitts, and a few light coats in case it gets chilly.   If we are going grocery shopping or travelling and I need the trunk space it comes right out.  Otherwise, the boys know right where to check to make sure they have their stuff before we jump in the van to go.

I’d love more ideas.  What works for you?  What makes managing your family schedule a breeze? or at least less of a hurricane then we are experiencing.

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and you are done!I really do think that sports are important for my boys.  They are getting exercise, time with new-friends, and learning the value of team-work.  I really like their coaches and so sports brings new role-models in their lives as well.  So I’m not ready to cut things out.  Hopefully this soccer / baseball overlap will end soon but we’ve had so many soccer cancellations because of rain that I think we’ll be playing both sports until August at this rate.  OYE!

Until then you can find me in the kitchen yelling cheering “Go Go Go.  Let’s get out the door”; behind the steering wheel trying to remember which field we are supposed to be at; or my favorite place of all three: on the sidelines cheering for my favorites sports-stars!

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