“Just a Mom”

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(Now I’m begging!) :) There are a lot of things that I am.

Daughter, Wife, Neighbor, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Cousin
Granddaughter, Co-worker, and of course Mom

A mom to four boys. 

*J*, 17
*E*, 8
*C*, 6 and
*L*, 9 months

So with a final plea,
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Voting ends tonight, 5/25.  5pm PST.
After that I won’t bug you about this again. (Hip Hip Hooray you are thinking…)

Right now we are #28.  We’d love to be in the top 25!  Because, quite frankly I put my heart and soul into some of my writing and isn’t it fun to receive a tangible reward for that?  Although, seriously, the true reward is just getting my thoughts out of my brain, through my fingertips and written down.  It helps me make sense of this crazy thing we call ‘life’.

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyUnknownonWednesday, May 25, 2011

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