Mark Wills, “Crazy Being Home” and Military Mental Health

We have so much to say, do, follow through after the Military Bloggers’ Conference this past weekend but I wanted to start it all off with this video.  Friday night we had the pleasure of sitting in DC, outside, right off of Pennsylvania Avenue.  It was a bit cool out, but the atmosphere was perfect.  Mark Wills was introduced and sang some fun songs, shared some humorous antidotes and we all couldn’t help but smile throughout.  Even my non-country loving Dad said he had a great voice!  It was an evening of fun. Then the mood became sober as he introduced his newest song.  I took in the words of his music but I also took in the mood that surrounded us.  I loved watching all the folks around us, not part of the conference, stop in their tracks to listen.  Some kept walking after an initial pause not sure what was going on.  Others stopped and just stood their listening.  No one could be oblivious.  No one should be oblivious to the insurmountable changes a soldier (sailor, marine, airmen, coast guard member…) goes through when he (or she) comes home!

Thank you to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet for posting this video.  (We will definitely be sharing their story in it’s own blog-post over the next week or so.)  Grab the tissues…

Mark Wills introduces his new song: Start of video
Josh reads a Letter from a soldier’s mom: 2:50
Mark Wills sings Crazy Being Home: 5:30

I wanted to share some resources as well:

How fitting that May is Mental Health Month. If you Twitter use #mentalhealthmonth to easily follow related conversations.

Thank you Mark Wills for this powerful song, a great reminder of what our troops go through just by ‘being home’!

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