Memorial Day

This weekend I'm looking forward to a local minor-league baseball game, a barbecue with good friends, a little league game for my eight-year old and YES getting my garden in.

Most importantly, though, we will also take time to remember what Memorial Day is really about.  My husband will be marching in our Memorial Day Parade in his ACUs as part of the VFW presentation of the Colors.  My boys will be wearing their baseball uniforms, holding little flags and tossing out candy to the parade watchers as they march in their first real parade.  I will stand on the sideline proudly waving my flag with my nine month older. We will head to our small-town cemetery for an official wreath-laying and then head to a cookout with other service members and community members. 

It isn't a somber day for us.  But it is a day to celebrate what we have.  To thank the service members that have gone before us so that we can enjoy beautiful weekends like this.  How about you?  What are you doing to make this a more than a BBQ, Baseball and Friends & Family weekend?

WWII Veterans Centerpoint

I captured a moment. It wasn't what I came to see, yet it was perfect.

In mesmerizing calm we walked around the monument, and it is monumental.

Schools of school classes were in Washington DC for civics 101 in real life. To some students viewing the WWII tribute, it was ancient history. Our family is blessed with survivors: Navy, Army and Army/Air Corps. The names of battles brought frightening images to conversations to so many who were walking in groups
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The Vietnam Wall and future generations

Memorial Day is approaching and this year my eight-year old will have a very tangible memory of what the day is about.
The Vietnam Wall. ...

The area was crowded. It was full of school trips and tourists. But there was a lull from the usual noise of a 'touristy place'. *E*, 8 years old, picked up on it right away and our pace slowed.
This, I think, is the purpose of the Wall.

To teach. To learn. To think. and of course to Remember.

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Share a Legacy this Military Appreciation Month - May is Military Appreciation Month. Where lies your military-heritage? Is it your spouse, a parent, a grandparent, a cousin, an aunt or uncle, a child? Have you told them how much you appreciate them? How you appreciate their service? What they have done to recognize their valor, their pride, their honor?  Continue Reading

Chairman’s Corner: Memorial Day 2011 - WASHINGTON, May 27, 2011 – As our Nation marks the 150th anniversary of the first year of the Civil War, this weekend we observe Memorial Day, a tradition that originated following the toll that terrible conflict levied upon our Nation.

Originally known as Decoration Day for the flowers placed upon the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers, this holiday, more than any other, reminds us of those who gave up their future so that we could have ours.   - Continue Reading 

This is our fourth Memorial Day writing here on "Our Letters to You" so as you can imagine we have a lot of thoughts on the subject!  Be sure to check them out: Memorial Day on the Avenue.

Have a great weekend and celebrate the life of those that have gone before us; fighting for what we hold dear; granting us the freedoms that we cherish!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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