The Vietnam Wall and future generations

Memorial Day is approaching and this year my eight-year old will have a very tangible memory of what the day is about. 

The Vietnam Wall.

*C*, 6 years old, Hubs moving at *C*’s pace, and my dad pushing the stroller with Baby *L* were ahead of us.  The area was crowded.  It was full of school trips and tourists.  But there was a lull from the usual noise of a ‘touristy place’.  *E*, 8 years old, picked up on it right away and our pace slowed.
This, I think, is the purpose of the Wall.To teach.  To learn.  To think. and of course to Remember.
*E* and I walked hand in hand; (he has promised me he would never be too old to hold my hand!) talking about the names on the wall.  That these are veterans of a war years ago; fathers, brothers, uncles, sons, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts. Veterans like his grandpa and his dad, but these veterans gave their lives.

Grandma is a smart woman, who was also taking in this scene with us.  In her purse she keeps paper and a pencil.  We stopped and she showed *E*  how to do an etching.  We walked away with a tangible, touchable, real name.  (A couple actually as *E* really enjoyed doing the etching.)  He has saved them as a memory, a keepsake to hold on to.
How about you, do you know a veteran with their name on the Wall?  We were in Washington DC specifically for the Military Bloggers Conference and we met Brian Hansen.  His company, Footnote, has a very cool project going on: Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  You can find a name on the Wall and share pictures and stories of that individual.  I just think this is so cool!  What a great way to remember our Veterans that gave their lives during the Vietnam War.

This Memorial Day take the time to really think about what the day is about!  Share stories with your children about a veteran in their history.  I am so proud of our military; but it is so important to recognize those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  There we were walking along the Vietnam Memorial Wall with my mom, a part of the Vietnam-generation, and my son, a part of our future generation.  Walking, Listening, Learning, Remembering.
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