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The Vietnam Wall and future generations: Memorial Day is approaching and this year my eight-year old will have a very tangible memory of what the day is about. The Vietnam Wall.  *C*, 6 years old, Hubs moving at *C*'s pace, and my dad pushing the stroller with Baby *L* were ahead of us. The area was crowded. It was full of school trips and tourists. But there was a lull from the usual noise of a 'touristy place'. *E*, 8 years old, picked up on it right away and our pace slowed.  This, I think, is the purpose of the Wall.  To teach. To learn. To think. and of course to Remember. ...

Norwegian Waffles for Syttende Mai: It is almost time to say "Hurra for syttende mai"! I can hear the old ladies in my childhood church chatting and clacking... most of them had dentures that didn't fit quite so well. They had stamina, girth and a love for breads. Yes, these were Norwegian women. They were a tad formal, my Grandma referred to her best friends as Mrs. Otto Andersen, Mrs. Moy, or Mrs. H. C. Andersen. This made me smile, as I can picture these women in sensible shoes, baggy hose, blue suits of every shade, clutch purses and a handkerchief in hand. ...

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 Father's Day and a Military Deployment: Three quick things: Father's Day is just about a month away and if you have a deployed-father in your life /now/ is the time to get shopping, boxing and shipping! If you are looking for some care package ideas be sure to check this blog out: Father's Day from Afar:  A letter from our oldest, 14; Some pictures from our 3 and 5 year older from their "Write from the Heart" books; My 5 year old made a 'dot to dot' for Dad. I'm not sure it actually makes a picture - but he sure enjoyed doing it and that is what counts!; A copy of my 5 year-old's preschool "report card" ...

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) App Helps Thousands: The PTSD Coach smartphone application (app), launched in April by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD), has already helped more than 5,000 users connect with important mental health information and resources.  "This new tool is about helping Veterans and Servicemembers when and where they need it," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. "We are encouraged so many have already downloaded this resource and hope many more will utilize this convenient tool to access VA services." ...

Mark Wills, "Crazy Being Home" and Military Mental Health: We have so much to say, do, follow through after the Military Bloggers' Conference this past weekend but I wanted to start it all off with this video. Friday night we had the pleasure of sitting in DC, outside, right off of Pennsylvania Avenue. It was a bit cool out, but the atmosphere was perfect. Mark Wills was introduced and sang some fun songs, shared some humorous antidotes and we all couldn't help but smile throughout. Even my non-country loving Dad said he had a great voice! It was an evening of fun. ...

WWII Veterans Centerpoint: I captured a moment. It wasn't what I came to see, yet it was perfect.  In mesmerizing calm we walked around the monument, and it is monumental.  Schools of school classes were in Washington DC for civics 101 in real life. To some students viewing the WWII tribute, it was ancient history. Our family is blessed with survivors: Navy, Army and Army/Air Corps. The names of battles brought frightening images to conversations to so many who were walking in groups. Then across the center point, a slow moving, wheel chaired, cane supported group of seniors assembled. ...
Buying Secondhand Goods: Finding great deals on secondhand goods has become easier than ever as websites like eBay and Craigslist have grown. If you shop carefully, you can save money on almost anything. Learn how to avoid problems and find bargains when you buy used goods. ...

Father's Day from Afar: (2008) Father's Day is this Sunday - talk about creating a void for our family going through our first deployment. I'm sure the void will be felt all across the globe on the 15th.  I fortunately have stayed on top of this one (I'm not on top of much lately). Hubby's care-package is in the mail & he should be receiving it any day now. I hope it oozes with love! (As opposed to oozing with sticky-melted chocolate!)  I'm not great at 'themes', maybe with some practice I will get there... but for now the theme is simply: "From Us" :)

"On my Spring Vacation I rode the Metro" - How to handle Stress: My family spent part of our Spring Break in Washington DC, as I have mentioned a couple times now. It was a quick trip with only 2 1/2 days of touring. In fact, it was never even a full day as six year-old's legs (in particular) get tired quickly. But we made the most of it! We visited Arlington Cemetery, The Smithsonian Air & Space as well as Natural History Museum. We found our way into a Smithsonian Outdoor Garden full of sculptures and fountains. (A hit for our boys after a very over-crowded Air and Space museum!) ...
Military Family Life: Welcome from a friend!  Welcome to MilitaryAvenue.com's Blog. Colonel K, retired Air Force; Deborah, Air Force spouse; Dan, MilitaryAvenue's fearless leader; and Leanne, wife of a soldier & deployment survivor; We bring to you our unique perspective on the military lifestyle. MilitaryAvenue.com brings a lot to the table. Part of our lifestyle-offering for Military Families is our Blog, 'Our Letters' to You, written by military-families for your enjoyment, knowledge and empowerment. Find out how much we have to offer. Click on any of the links to glean some knowledge, smiles, and much more: ...

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