WWII Veterans Centerpoint

I captured a moment. It wasn't what I came to see, yet it was perfect.

In mesmerizing calm we walked around the monument, and it is monumental.

Schools of school classes were in Washington DC for civics 101 in real life. To some students viewing the WWII tribute, it was ancient history. Our family is blessed with survivors: Navy, Army and Army/Air Corps. The names of battles brought frightening images to conversations to so many who were walking in groups.
Then across the center point, a slow moving, wheel chaired, cane supported group of seniors assembled. They weren't there for my camera, or the 30 other cameras that flashed. They were there to take in the honor that was due them. WWII veterans proud smiling, emotional and admired.
The granite walls, the sculptures, the waterfalls vanished from sight as the pulse of pride held our attention on this small group of veterans. Thank You! You sacrificed so much for us. You have taught us more, brought us further and we can only say thank you. Thank you and our military today serves our nation with the pride that you still hold.
Makes me just want to go grab my WWII vets in our family and listen once again to the stories they tell! Thanks for letting me grab this moment, hope you are living knowing you are so appreciated.

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  1. This is awesome! We are losing about 1800 WW II Veterans per day and that memorial definitely serves a purpose to honor this great generation and to remember what our current Veterans are going through!

    My Dad is a WW II Veteran and is part of the reason that I founded Operation Renewal to help current Veterans with teh challenges of deployment!

    Bless you and all those who create awareness and aid military and their families!


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