Look Out The Window When Feeling Down

On the road again; travel has been a natural and neccessary part of our married life.  Military called, Mom and Dad wanted to see us, siblings got married, nephews graduated, and the ever true PCS ruled.
Time has passed, we retired, travel is still in our veins.
I love it when travel is for vacation, or for  Both have intrigue and still pull at the memories of military life.
The last two trips have been to hospitals.  Big hospitals far from home.  Far from comfort, loving arms or scenic desires.  Yet, outside those HUGE walls beauty exists.
Ann Arbor hosts the U of M medical center.  I do believe more cement has been poured there than in all of Western Europe.  The buildings are expansive, impressive and imposing.  Dale and I have walked, wheel chaired and even ‘scootered’ through those halls. 
Peering down from some high floor window, an arboritum spreads out alongside a lazy Huron river.  Walking trails meander around sculptured gardens.  Quaint restaurants serve weary visitors.  One just had to look and decide the energy spent would make the trip not painful only, but uplifting.  I’m all for lifting spirits.  Smiles and fresh air win out everytime.

Now we are down in Nashville, a place I had on my bucket list of cities that would be worthwhile visiting.  Oh my, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it when you are least ready!  This is our third night in a hotel near the hospital.  First waiting for surgery on our son Daniel.  Next night waiting for recovery and ‘get moving’ words from the doc.  Today hearing:  infection still there.  Tubes will stay in.  Procedures still to come.  Seeing a very pale, weak, hurting little boy… okay… that part isn’t up to date… Dan is a dad and will be a dad again soon.  But he is my little boy, and his little girl who bounds in the room can not understand why Daddy looks sooooooo tired.  Mom does her best to ‘talk happy’ and say all is well. 

Today we looked outside the windows.  The Parthanon is here!  Paved sidewalks and later a pool at the hotel came into view.  We will be here for a bit.  Restaurants wont’ be for date nights, but for finding something to eat in order to get back to see Dan.

Discouragement is not in the plan book.  Discontent has no place here.  Depression is too tiring.  We have each other.  We have hope, not hope in and of ourselves but hope within. 
Our oldest grandson is Joshua.  So, I heard him tell me… Joshua 1:9  Be strong.  Don’t be discouraged.  God is with us wherever we go… Ann Arbor, Nashville or any other spot on this Earth!
We will be traveling again.  I know that.byDeborahon
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