Oxygen Mask

A quiet but BOOMING voice reminded me throughout this past week. “Leanne, put on your oxygen mask, then help those around you.”  It has been a tough week.  BabyBoy, diagnosed with an ear infection two weeks ago, was so incredibly crabby.  Refusing to nurse, refusing to be put down, refusing to be happy.   “Leanne, put on your oxygen mask.”

BabyBoy and I headed to the pediatrician Monday afternoon.  My happy go lucky boy had taken on a completely different personality and I was at wit’s end.  His ears were beautiful according to the doctor.  So she took a peek in his mouth.  Then I saw it.  Ulcers /every where/.  Wow.  I would probably be just as crabby; how did I miss this?  Hand, Foot and Mouth disease it is called.  It is a virus so all we can do for it is Ibuprofen.  My poor boy.  Now the crying, “hold me”s, and lack of sleeping was making sense.  But knowledge doesn’t always equal relief.  “Leanne, put on your oxygen mask.”

My two older boys were busy with activities.  *E* was finishing up his last week of Spanish class and *C* was wrapped up in a great week of VBS.  In the car, dropping off, picking up… several times each morning.  We came home to our regular routine of 
Summer Jobs, Summer Workbooks and a little bit of downtime spent reading.  They are 6 and 8.  Not 16 and 18.  Not even 11 and 13.  They need help with quite a bit still.  In my attempt to teach independence I still need to spend quite a bit of time showing them how to do things.  (And do these things with a crabby baby on my hip.) “Leanne, put on your oxygen mask.”

My mojo was off.  I wasn’t allowed to sit.  The ‘Mommy-title’ took precedent.  Relationships, work, house-work all suffered.  I shed a lot more tears then I usually do.  “Leanne, put on your oxygen mask.”  It was being sung loud and with distinction by the end of the week.

This morning as I helped my son find a missing toy.  I worked hard to not be frustrated.  I might have even put a little Lamaze to good use ;).  I  We found it.  *E* said to me, “Mom, you are the best mom ever!”  A big breath of oxygen filled my lungs and I smiled and shed yet another tear, but this was the best kind!

Where do you find healthy oxygen?
MusicA long walk around the blockA Bike RideBaking or CookingA good joke, a good movie, a good bookJournaling or DrawingA shower or bathTime talking to a loved oneGardeningA chair or swing on the front porch

All of these are outlets.  Fantastic ways to breath in deep and feel the oxygen filling your lungs. Now you can effectively help others with their own masks.

– Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.combyLeanne KocsisonSunday, June 26, 2011Military Life:,,,

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