Touch Pad Touches Home

Here we are yet in Nashville.  Fun city for so many.  A tourist attraction.  Land of hospitality, southern drawl, sweet tea and genuine warmth.  We are here because our Daniel is working on his breathing.  Working on getting that heart rate down.  Doing Olympic type feats like getting out of the bed, marching down the hall, dragging a pole, pumps, tank all while sporting a back flapping cotton gown.  Always the edgy one in the family.
The rest of the family are in their homes in Ohio, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut and Florida yet they are in contact continuously.  Facebook, iPad, iPhone, instant messages: touch pads.  We are letting the fingers do most of the talking. The conversations we have had!  Full chat rooms, pictures racing across state lines.  Communication has never been so good.
Communication is medicine not covered by TriCare.  Those little yellow smiley faces are pills that go down easily, just can’t overdose on them.  🙂
When someone comes to your mind, someone far away, if you know their email address, give them a shout, a Texas howdy, a Charleston hi y’all.  How about a Hawaiian aloha? 
Touching a heart can be done with your fingers on the touch pad of your keyboard.  It works.  I get them… I love them!byDeborahon
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