Mom Means Business

My boys are a hurricane. A tornado. A path of destruction.  We are working hard at starting good habits, staying organized, picking up when they are done playing, not waiting till Mom blows her top tells them to.  I have found if I help organize the toys in their room that it only gets me very frustrated and my ideas fall apart in less then a couple of days.  So now they are left to their own vices.

I sent them to clean their room the other day, and told them anything left on their floor when they were done was going into the garbage.  Sure enough they came down 30 minutes later declaring they were done.  True to my word I told them to grab a garbage bag and put anything in the bag that wasn’t put away.  *E*, 8 years old, looked at his dad, sitting in the room with me, and with a shrug of his shoulders said, “Mom is strict.”

What he didn’t say:Mom is meanMom doesn’t careMom isn’t a good Mom
What he did say:Mom means business
“Mom is strict.”  Kind of funny that those three little words really made me smile, and not in a sadistic que the mad-scientist music kind of way.  I want my kids to love me, and I know they do.  I want them to come to me when they need me, no matter what.  But I also want them to know that they will have some great friends in their lives but I will never be their ‘best-friend’, I’ll always be Mom.  I will always care. I will always expect nothing but the best. I will always help them grow to their full potential.

What techniques do you use to encourage organization, clean-living, being able to walk around your house without fear of stepping on something anywhere you turn?  I sure could use some help!  But in the mean time, I’m content to know that quite simply, I mean business.

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