Ode to the Coffee Bean

Just the thought of you motivates my legs to bear the full weight of my zombied body at some ungoldy hour as I trudge down the stairs in the morning;

Your sweet aroma awakens my senses, helping my eyes to see beyond my nose, aiding my nose to take in the sweet perfume of a fresh new day (I''m sure that is what it is ... as opposed to last night's garbage or yesterday's dinner dishes);

The site of your sweet juice flowing into my favorite mug reminds me that 'this too shall pass': the baby will someday sleep through the night, the toddler will soon not be afraid of the monsters in his closet; the school age child will eventually be able to fill his own empty water cup; and the teenager will come home before curfew giving Mom and Dad a sigh of relief with the sound of the front-door opening and closing.

Your taste lingers through the morning...
 or at least until I need to pour my next cup.

How do you prepare your favorite cup of 'joe'?  A brewed cup, with a shot of half n half with an added half packet of hot chocolate is the perfect way to wake up for me!  (and if it has been an extra bad night ... a dollop of whip cream on top!)

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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