Swim Lessons: Two Year Later

There are a few things I have done in motherhood that are questionable.  As an example, cutting my then 9-months old hair by myself.  Disastrous.  Thinking I could travel across state-lines, 200+ miles, as a new mom with a six-week old.  Excruciating. Attempting to convince my boys that they should like asparagus because it makes your pee stink.  Bad choice of reasons.

But this weekend I was reminded of one of the best things I have done for my boys in their eight and six years of existence.  Swim Lessons.  When hubs was in Iraq with the Army National Guard we used our free membership at the YMCA and the boys hopped in the pool every Saturday morning.  There were mornings they hated to go.  There were mornings that lessons added more strife to our crazy world.  There were times when lessons only made me question, “Am I doing the right thing?”  (Take a look back: Swim Lessons) But as the boys got better; overcame some of their fear of being in the water alone; and actually started to swim, not just cling to their teacher for dear-life, I started to see the value in this swim-lesson routine.

Fast forward two years.  This weekend we were invited by some very good friends to their club pool.  A doctor and a pharmaceutical-rep, these are classy people that often remind me “
I can’t be the Joneses but I sure can be their friend!”  The pool was hopping on this hot Sunday afternoon and I saw my boys eye-balling the diving boards at the end of the pool as soon as we walked through the gates.  Two low-dives and a very very very high-dive.  (Did I mention very?!)

That little boy walking on the high-dive: That is my son.  Six-years old.  Old enough to know what he wants.  Old enough for a challenge.  *E*, 8 years old, walked right up the low-dive.  Jumped off and swam to the side.  No troubles!  Then he was ready for the high-dive.  With a bit of trepidation but a lot of courage he did it.  Then he did it again. and again. and again. for four hours (with some ‘adult swim time’ at each hour) …  *C*, 6 years old, took some practice jumps off the side of the pool with his dad to start off.  Then he moved on to the low-dive and with much success jumped and swam!  Then he looked at me and said “Mom, I’m ready for the high dive!”  I tried to give him my most “Go for it!” look but inside was thinking … Oh my, I’m he’s not ready for this.  He was so ready.  again. and again and again.
*E* and *C* went off the boards more times then I can count over the course of the four hours we were there.  They were exhausted at the end of the day.  But they had so much fun!  
Thriving in the sun because of the grounding of swim-lessons so many years ago.
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