That Military House: Moments of Sanity Are on the Checklist!

Move it   –  or lose it.   Adventure advise from Sandee Payne.  That Military House helps one open boxes and doors during all steps of the inevitable move.
Be prepared, organized, clutter free and open mindedAre you at home with your surroundings?  Oh the joy of waking up in the morning knowing the coffee pot is on the counter, milk in the refrigerator, spoons in the drawer.

And then. Hello military spouse!  It is PCS (Permanent Change of Station) season and that season, as a hunting season, is 365 days a year.  You my dear are the item in the sites, laser beams are pointed straight at you.     Or is that just the stress talking?

PCS has a new name and it can put a force field around the family ready to add another zip code to their parents’ address book.  My folks entered our numbers in pencil, the erasure marks eventually ripped the paper!

Positive Change of Surroundings
Sandee Payne’s book That Military House addresses decorating and organizing needs of new surroundings: using that which you own.  The table of contents is set up to look like coupons, now, oh how we all love to save which is precisely her goal.  Be prepared, organized, clutter free and open minded: a mantra to repeat as the paperwork proves the move is for real.  Like loading a cannon or flipping switches on the control panel on the flight deck, the book opens with a burst of micro flashes of activities with a count down to PCS.
Thrifty to begin the plan, using thrift shops and donation points, Ms Payne continually reminds readers to move forward.  The book is filled with fantastic reminders of forms, facilities and a formula for unpacking: 3 box method, backed with the rational that will help one keep sanity within a fingertip reach.  Sandee is big on discard; distant on trendy big purchases and on target about organization.

Basic training decor art forms are addressed with thoughts on painting, accessorizing, sewing your own and saving.

Positive affirmation for military spouse with a 1st move to the 30th move.
Change of address will hold same household treasures… it will be home.
Surrounding belongings welcome you wherever you are.

Not guaranteed to remove all stress, but truly opens eyes, mind and attitude about a matter of fact military lifestyle.byDeborahonFriday, July 15, 2011Military Life:,,

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