Veteran Affairs Issues First Checks to Caregivers of Wounded Heroes!

“Col K” getting a friendly assist last yearWe just had a great 4th of July weekend and enjoyed some great family times! It actually ended a week of “Camp Grandpa” where we take care of four of our rambunctious grandsons and I have to admit being a bit tired from the last month or so of activity. Then I remembered that last year at this time. I had just been diagnosed with cancer (“A Life Changing Moment”) and how far I have come since then. The surgery required to remove the tumors left me pretty immobile and needing lots of tender loving care for more than 6 months as I healed.

My mobility slowly returned and this last week I had the chain saw out cutting down a bunch of trees that had died demonstrating almost total recovery. I could not have recovered as quickly or as well without a loving caregiver! Deb was great and cared for wounds that needed daily dressings, debriding, assistance with getting across the room, doing most of the driving, doing her normal outstanding meal preparation (including adding doctor prescribed protein), praying for me, encouraging me and so much more! While she is employed by MilitaryAvenue, she did have the flexibility to drive me to doctor appointments, working around my schedule from her home office.

We were fortunate and then I took some moments to reflect on what we would have done if we had needed her income and did not have the flexibility that we did have. Many of our severely injured hero warriors are not as fortunate and need the income from a spouse or friend and also need 24 hour care as well! When this dilemma was properly addressed by Congress, the Veteran Affairs folks designed a program of stipends for those in need! Just in time for the 4th of July celebration the first payments to 96 caregivers were just sent out! A long time in coming with lots of bureaucratic hurdles to overcome!  It is great to see the payments finally arriving where they are needed and so deserved!

The average payment will be $1,600 a month which is not a large sum but a start for many who have needed assistance! The payments are based on the veteran’s condition, care required and geographic location.  To see more about this great program please go the VA article posted on MilitaryAvenue.  The caregivers even have their own website to use for information and the application process and links are included in the article.  MilitaryAvenue continues to focus on our nation’s Wounded Warriors!!  We must never forget!
Camp Grandpa event – mixing concrete for hand prints in steps
Camp Grandpa was quite the success and we really enjoyed a special time with our grandsons!  We grew, they learned new skills, memories were created and character is being developed!  The human spirit is lifted by caring and these guys know they are loved.  If you know a wounded hero or their caregiver be sure to provide them support with a hug!  They will be better for it and so will you!byColonel KonTuesday, July 05, 2011Military Life:,,,,

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