We Are Grilling to Stay Cool!

It is hot, so we decided to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible at dinner time. Avoiding use of the oven will certainly keep the house cooler and keep that electricity bill down a few cents. So, with some fresh green beans picked from the garden (1.5 cups with ends picked off), a yellow onion sliced thin, olive oil, four chicken breasts, some “Sweet Baby Rays” sauce and some herbs (basil, parsley and rosemary) mixed into the sauce I headed out the door to the grill. Deb did make some very nice garlic potatoes on the stove but it was an on and off quickly.

The chicken sizzled on the grill at a high temp to sear it and then was lowered it to medium for 10 minutes on each side and brushed with the sauce (don’t forget the fresh herbs) to keep it moist. The green beans and onions roasted on the other side of the grill for 15 minutes and splashed with small amount of olive oil to keep the mixture from sticking. I stirred them every couple of minutes to keep them cooking on all sides and I wanted the onions to brown a bit.

Here are some additional pictures of our results! Yummy meal! Do you have any favorite meals that you prepare on the grill? Do you cook differently in the heat?

Ready to eat!We enjoy writing down our recipes and sharing on MilitaryAvenue’s “Our Letters to You”. Just go to Recipes or Tasty Tuesday!byColonel KonFriday, July 22, 2011Military Life:,,,,

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