"Your Future Demands Greatness, A Soldiers Inheritance" A Book Review

A young man joins the Army and goes off to basic training. Happens a thousand times a month! But this young man treasures letters from his dad through the whole process! "Your Future Demands Greatness" is a father’s wisdom and guidance for his son while he is in basic training, AIT and his first year of service.  Full of humor and family, this book makes you feel like you are a member of the family but smiling as you watch Joseph meeting life’s changes!

This is a great book for young people going off to be soldiers but also the other services as well! The helpful hints to deal with adversity and new life challenges with growing up are there to help! I loved this one on P 12 “…but even someone you detest is good for being an example of what not to do.” And P 10 “Soldiering is an art form, and basic training only teaches you to color inside the lines”.  Joseph's dad is a Christian and provides a backbone that of our young folks need to see in their parents! 

This book would be great to put by your bedside and read a chapter or two a night or pickup and read through on a weekend! Jacob designed it so it would fit into a cargo pants pocket and it is a perfect fit! The first of a series, it will be great to follow on with Joseph and his dad’s great letters in "The Torch"! "Your Future Demands Greatness" can be found on Amazon and is available in a Kindle edition!

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  1. Read this on my Kindle!! I love it so far!!! Thanks for the review.

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