I just need to talk

Who do you call when you just need to talk,
that someone that puts down what they are doing to be there for you, when you need subtle advice and a listening ear?
I’m grappling with the start of the school year.  My tender-loving, easy-going, very-pleasing six-year old is going to be starting first grade.  He flows like the tides of the ocean, and oh how I love the water.  He *wants* to learn.  When he does learn he lights up.  He lights up like no other.  Sometimes it is getting him to that point where he has learned though that can be a challenge, for a mom or a teacher.

So last night when I was talking to another mom at my older son’s Open House I found out her now third grader /had/ *C*’s teacher back in first grade … and she is a challenge for a child that doesn’t follow the letter of the law.  Quite honestly she would have been perfect for my now third grader, *E*; my rule follower, my line keeper, my eye on the prize boy.  So what do I do?  I can’t even begin to process this conversation I just had; wanting the very best for *C* after a rough year of kindergarten.  My heart, my hope, my prayers felt as if they were going out with the tide.

My husband is an action guy.  He gets a tad frustrated when I lay down my problems on him, he offers solutions, and then I don’t act on aforementioned solutions.  You know that feeling of just wanting to talk?  After ten-years of marriage and wanting ten more and then ten more and ten more I know better then to expect him to /just listen/.  It is not in his skill set.

So who did I call on last night?  My mom.  It is wonderful to have someone in my corner, someone with a similar personality.  No we aren’t the same.  We still get each other very frustrated at times.  However, when it comes to listening she is a whole lot of good for me!  She listened.  I cried.  She listened some more and then she knew.  She knew when to interject advice.  Great advice at that.  She is the world’s best listener if there was a prize to be given.

Friends. Moms. Sisters. Dads. Brothers. Spouses.
Who do you call on when you just need to talk?

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