One Year with Cancer – My Caregiver Rocks

Enjoying Grant Park in Chicago One Year with Cancer – My Caregiver Rocks

This week I celebrated life. Yes, it is that easy but maybe not so with memories of surgery and left over scars, a bit of discomfort, medications, interruptions to plans, etc. But medical decisions that left me with my leg certainly are to be appreciated and the skills of highly trained surgeons are near the top of my list for thank you!

While I treasure those things, my biggest hug goes to my caregiver; who sat in every one of those appointments, reacted to bad news with a human touch, helped talk issues with doctors, kept my checklist, half carried me when I had no strength, drove thousands of miles to appointments with the ultimate critic next to her, kept life as normal as she could and yes, prayed for me and showed me faith that surpassed mine. Thank you Deb! A few simple words but frequently forgotten and no, I will not forget how you cared for me and loved me when I was in pain and maybe a bit grumpy or discouraged. How about that time with … well I guess we will keep that one off the web. TMI.

You see, Deb has cancer too! She has survived breast cancer and been in remission for five wonderful years. She understood when I complained, showed my fear and asked for help. She knew that our family and friends would pray for me, hold me up as they had her five years ago and there would be a time when we could celebrate and return to the “new normal”. We have loved each other for more than 40 years, 30 years in the Air Force, multiple separations, 18 moves and this cancer thing has not and will not tear us apart!

We find ways to celebrate life with cancer! A trip to celebrate a birthday, building a new walkway for an elderly parent, visiting family, helping out with a wedding, enjoying our grandchildren and hosting Camp Grandpa! A busy year of activity mixed with too many doctor appointments to tally, medical bills tracked and paid, medical boxes filled with dressings, wrapping surgical wounds, debriding the wound repeatedly when it was downright ugly and then walking a mile with me when I needed her beside me! Slowly at first, but then faster as the year went by!

We do not know the future but our Awesome God does! I love that song Our God is an Awesome God by the late Rich Mullins. In this video Michael W Smith sings it as a tribute to Rich!

Thank you Deb! It has been a tough year but we have learned so much! You are a fantastic wife and Christian woman!

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